Lefkada is the fourth biggest island of the Ionian Sea.

It is situated between Corfu and Cefalonia, very close to the north-west coast of Aitoloakarnania, from which is separated with a lagoon.

The tour around Lefkas begins from the bridge of Lefkas which links the island with the greek mainland (free of charge) and is considered to be the road connection of the island.

A street above the sea level (1800m long ) leads to the town of Lefkas.

The town of Lefkada is 385 Km far away from Athens, 420 Km from Thessaloniki and 100 Km from Igoumenitsa.

On the protected east coast of Lefkada just opposite the Akarnania land, the calm sea forms small beaches and ports. In Nydri there are organised beaches for all kinds of water sport. The surfers can surf until the green coast of Madouri.

The calm gulf is full of children swimming, canoeing and playing as they enjoy happily the nature of the Prigiponisia Islands.